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The Fandom of Princess Azula

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fire_prodigy is a community for fans of the character Azula, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. In this community, you can post fanfiction about or related to Azula, fanart, information, essays, theories, or just about anything that has to do with Azula.



1. NO TROLLING. Your posts will be deleted and you will be banned. Since trolls generally don't like the subject of a community they're trolling in, this may not seem like much of a punishment, but it's for our sanity.

2. No flaming. Your flaming posts will be deleted, and you will be given ONE warning. Flaming is not tolerated in this community. It does not matter if it's a troll--don't encourage it by flaming it.

3. Be open-minded. Given that a popular Azula pairing is Zhao/Azula, adding this rule is a precaution. Please be open-minded to other people's pairings or interests--don't say something rude to them just because they may ship a pairing you don't find morally right or "gross".

4. Stay on-topic. This community is Azula-centric. We don't want to read about Aang unless it has something to do with Azula, okay?

5. Rate your work. It's nice to know just how gory or lemon-y a fic is going to be before reading it.

6. Use LJ-cut. Please. No one likes to see a huge hunk of text stretching the main page. Especially if it contains spoilers.

7. Be an Azula fan. This one is pretty basic. You've got to like Azula to be eligible to join the community. If you don't, why are you joining?

8. Tag the entries. Go here to read up about our community tags.

9. Warn for spoilers. Spoilers are facts about the show that have not yet premiered on the show. Please give a warning somewhere before the actual spoilers.

10. Advertising. Advertising your com is fine, as long as you do it once for each community.



7_chakras - An "art/fic community based on prompts gathered from the seven chakras that Guru Pathik introduced in the second season finale".

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Right now, we only have one mod, limepocky. If you have any questions, concerns, reports, you may e-mail her. Just make sure to put something like "About that Azula com on LJ" in the title, or else she will think that it is spam and delete it.